Why Trash The Dress

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X-Cite The Dress...

Several years ago ‘Trash The Dress‘ burst onto the scene bringing us some stunning pictures from America with brides in their wedding dress, creating some stunning photographic art. Trash The Dress quickly evolved and now offers an amazing opportunity for brides (and grooms) to have some stunning pictures of their dress after the wedding day. However, ‘trashing’ the dress always seems to conjure up a negative picture, so we thought hard and decided to call our wedding dress photography sessions X-Cite The Dress, and that’s exactly what we do.An X-Cite The Dress shoot with Karl from Stancliffe Studios is all about creating something extra special to celebrate you and your stunning dress. After all the hours you’ve spent researching, trying different styles and pondering which dress was right for you, it seems a waste to leave it in a box, when you can have it captured and hung on your wall as photographic art!

Your X-Cite The Dress session can be anything you want it to be. Perhaps a walk through your favourite park, or on a hill side where he proposed, where ever it is, we’ll capture you and the dress in a contemporary and relaxed way, for you to cherish for years to come.

One previous bride after an X-Cite The Dress shoot said:


“Thank you for finding such a beautiful location we’re so pleased with all the pictures, they are exactly what we we’re after – we’ll just have to try and choose which ones to make into wall art – I don’t know how we’re going to narrow them down!!We had loads of fun doing the shoot and I would definitely recommend an x-cite the dress shoot to anyone who loves their wedding dress – it deserves more than one set of photos!!” 


Have a look at our video below at a shoot we’ve done not far from our studio in Sheffield.


XCite Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the shoot?

The shoot is nearly alway on location, we know several great spots for such a shoot! Some choose to go back to where they got married, other a meaning place, perhaps where they got engaged. What every the location, we’ll make it amazing…


When should we book an XCite The Dress shoot?

There is no specific timeframes for the shoot. Many couples do it soon after the wedding day, and iincorporate the images into their wedding album, or create a bolt-on book to compliment their wedding album. Some couple celebrate their first wedding anniversary by having a dress shoot. Many however can’t wait that long and simply book it as soon as possible!


What’s involved in an XCite The Dress shoot?

This is tailored around you, your dress, the location of choose and what type of art you want to create. Many brides give Karl a creative brief and leave him to do what he does best. Others leave all the decisions to Karl, and some know exact what they want and discuss this with Karl ahead of the shoot. Whatever you decide, it evolve a 2 hour fun creative shoot with Karl and, you and your wedding dress.  In addition, this can also involve groom, but this is entirely up to you! A few weeks after the shoot, you’ll invite to have a viewing, either at the studio, or nto convienient, then via our online gallery showcase. After that you have the fantastic choose of selecting what you’d like to do with your dress-art! And trust us, we have plenty of options, from digitial copies, prints, through to stunning cluster wall art and Italian made books.


How much is a shoot and what do I get?

You get:

  • A 2 hour fun and creative on-location shoot
  • Karl’s creative flair and photography talents
  • Post production editing of your amazing dress pictures, to bring them alive!
  • An online secure gallery for you to review and select your favourites
  • A USB stick with your favourite photographs on (package optional extra)
  • A free 7″x5″ framed print

The cost of the shoot is only £95*. 

*Cost includes travel with a 25 mile radius of S6 1RY.



I want one – how do I book?

Simply give Karl a call at the studio on 0114-233135, and we’ll do the rest!!! Or use the online contact form and we’ll give you a call back at a convienient time.